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Melbourne Exchange Programme


At Kenakena, we enjoy building great relationships, both within our local community and further afield. Since 2002, Kenakena has been running a trans-Tasman student exchange programme with our Melbourne Sister School, Caulfield Junior College (www.caulfieldjc.org.au).


Each year up to 20 of our Year 6 to 8 students get to travel to Melbourne for a week to experience life in the home of an ‘exchange buddy’. They then get to reciprocate by hosting their CJC exchange buddy in their home.


At both CJC and Kenakena, students apply to participate in the programme, with the criteria for success being reliability, trustworthiness, responsibility, maturity and resilience. This exchange provides the children with valuable life lessons and a different understanding of others. They learn that:


People from different countries, cultures, homes and communities have the same basic needs, which may be met in the same, or in different ways. Being a good host requires forethought, planning and considerate action. Representing your family, school, region and country requires responsible social action and good communication.


Prior preparation for an overseas visit is essential for maximising safety, enjoyment and learning. While in Melbourne, our students get to experience day-to-day life in our sister school as well as a range of experiences and activities in and around Melbourne. Host families go out of their way to ensure our kids have a great Melbourne experience.


Assistant Principal Tina Buchanan is the organiser for this wonderful programme, and the Kenakena Board of Trustees has established a study grant that enables a member of the teaching staff to travel with Tina and the kids to Melbourne.


Principal Bruce McDonald believes one of the key learning outcomes is to discover that:

Our Aussie mates are alright!”

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