TIAKI Values

TIAKI – Kenakena School’s Positive Climate for Behaviour and Learning

What inherent values or attributes do we want to see in a student who leaves Kenakena at the end of year eight?

This was the question we asked our students and staff and in consultation with both, the Tiaki values were developed.

Tiaki Values form the basis of our behaviour management programmes here at Kenakena.



The word tiaki is the basis of the longer word kaitiakitanga. Tiaki means to guard. It also means to preserve, foster, protect and shelter. So, notions of care and protection (for others and the environment) are at the heart of its meaning.

The acronym ‘Tiaki’ incorporates the following values:

T — Take responsibility

I — Inspire teamwork and independence

A — Aim for excellence

K — Know how to be resilient

I — Insist on respect


In 2016 families and students were invited to design a poster that symbolised Tiaki and Kenakena School. We now have the winning poster proudly displayed in each classroom -thanks to our winner, ex-pupil, Renee Cameron-Bennett.

Initiatives implemented at Kenakena School:

  • Tiaki cards: Teachers who see students showing Tiaki when they are interacting with others or through their actions may receive a Tiaki card. This goes into a special box in the office foyer. Each fortnight a couple of names are drawn from the box and the students receive a prize.  As you’d expect students find this a motivating incentive to show courteous and respectful behaviour in the playground. Another aspect of this initiative is that all duty teachers are now carrying around behaviour forms as part of their role out in the playground. Any issues they need to deal with are recorded. This allows us to gather valuable data about what is happening in the playground over a period of time and make any changes necessary to preempt further issues.
  • The language of Tiaki is being used consistently throughout the school by teachers and students.
  • Positive behaviour plans are consistent throughout the school with syndicate reward systems reinforcing desirable behaviour.
  • Social skills are modelled and taught explicitly
  • Parents are given regular updates on what new initiatives are being implemented as part of the Taiki process through newsletters and our facebook page.