At the Festival of Fun I was surprised at the toys because they looked amazing.

I got a Star Wars puzzle with 50 pieces.  One was missing.

I can’t believe the school raised $18,000.

Reuben Wastney, aged 6

Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce!

I was jumping really high on the Bouncy Castles!

I went to Rm 9 to make a cupcake.  It was green and orange with sprinkles, rainbow sprinkles and chocolate sprinkles, it was extraordinary.  I added too much icing, it was all falling off on my hands.  I put some eyes on it, they were green eyes.  It looked like me.  It was amazing.

Taeyah Young, aged 6

In the weekend you don’t want to know what happened, or do you?  I was thrilled!

First I watched my sister doing her singing, she was in the second line.  After I got a mystery jar and my sister matilda got one too.  My sister Maddalena was with her friend Taylar.

When I left I saw my ballet friend called Markeil.

Ynes Kerr, aged 6