A collaborative story by Taylor and Ella L


One day me and Ella came back from a Halloween night. We went home, but there was a trail of slime. Taylor was brave, he searched and followed the slime. But he stopped, he heard a growl, he heard it ad went inside and he said, “MUM!”. But she wasn’t there! Instead there was a slime monster, it swallowed anything in its way. Ella got eaten, but I killed it, Ella got out of the slime monster. Taylor saw mum, he said “I love you, Mum” and Ella said “WHAT???” and he went inside. But then Ella was alone. She heard another growl, a goblin jumped out. I pulled their suit off, it was Taylor. I said, “Good joke!”




A collaborative Halloween story

by Dominic and James


One night at midnight everybody who lived at the pumpkin patch was sleeping when they heard the light switch come on. The went outside, they saw a pumpkin come missing. They thought they were seeing things. The night just grew darker, then they saw a treat and a singe and the singe said, “can I trade you a pumpkin for this treat. Me and James said together, “I’ve been traumatised!!”



A collaborative story by Taeyah and Alex


One Halloween night there was a zombie, he stole a girl. She went missing. She was locked away in a laboratory. No one knew which laboratory! Everyone looked in every laboratory, but no one could find her, but it was the Zombies home.  It was the night of the ghosts. She heard them and she saw them they carried her to a different house; it was in the ghost world. No one knew where the ghost world was. There were vampires everywhere. How was she meant to get home? One ‘wanted child’ went missing and another and another. Soon there was only one child left. And it was stolen. One ghost kept on looking everywhere he looked in China he grabbed them and took them somewhere to eat them. Don’t worry it’s just a sheet. (the ghost that is!!)