Boys Mentoring

Boys’ Mentoring Programme

The boys’ mentoring programme is an innovative initiative which helps boys transition from boyhood to adolescence. We have identified that many 10 year old boys can face challenges as they begin maturing, so we implemented this programme which helps them to understand what behaviour is expected of them, how they can pass on their knowledge, how they can contribute positively, and most importantly – how they can be fit, healthy, happy young men.

The programme focuses on three key aspects: 

  • Social skills (including communication, helping others and being part of a team)
  • Confidence and self esteem
  • Self-management (including goal-setting, self-discipline, self-awareness personal organisation and responsibility)
  • Leadership

The boys get involved in activities which help them to develop relationships beyond just their close friends. The long-term outcome we are working towards is for boys to grow into positive, confident and non-violent young men who will contribute to the long-term betterment of our community. 

We’ve been expanding our direct mentoring approach to boys across the school, utilising key male staff including outstanding mentor Andy Jenkins. The data we collect about the programme shows that we’re successful in raising self-esteem and confidence.

The Years 7&8 Boys’ Club, run by Years 7&8 teacher Jon Kreuzer is also having a really positive impact on our young men.