Physical Education and Sport

Physical Education and Sport



Physical Education and opportunities to try out and participate in a range of sports is an important part of the Kenakena School Curriculum and, as we see it, an important part of growing up in New Zealand. 


Enrichment opportunities in this area enable our students to find out where their strengths and talents lie, to represent our school through a range of organised competitions and compete against each other through in-school tournaments.


Preparation for selection in our representative teams follows in-school skills development with the assistance of both professional and volunteer coaches from regional and local sports associations.


Girls and boys get to experience skill development through the same programmes and inclusion in the same sports. A major focus of our programme is to develop positive attitudes towards sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership and competition.


Our extensive excellent green-space and court facilities, including those at the adjacent Te-Atiawa Park enable our programmes to be delivered without restrictions of space.