Our People

Leadership Team

Mr Bruce McDonald


Mrs Tina Buchanan

Assistant Principal/ Team Leader Yrs 7&8

Mrs Tatia Downer

Assistant Principal/ Team Leader Yrs 5&6

Ms Shona McDonald

New Entrant Team Leader

Mrs Tatia Downer

Team Leader Yrs 5&6

Mrs Cathie Conner

Team Leader Yrs 3&4 and Special Needs Co-ordinator

Kauri Teaching Team (Year 7&8)

Mr Jon Kreuzer

Room 14

Mrs Sue Gray

Room 16

Mrs Kate McDonald

Room 23

Mrs Janine McDonald

Room 24

Mrs Marie Mead

Room 25

Kahikatea Teaching Team (Year 5&6)

Mrs Tatia Downer

Room 19

Mrs Jo Weir

Room 20

Ms Sam Edwards

Room 21

Ms Sue Hawkins

Room 22

Mr Chris Clare

Room 12 & Boys Mentoring Programme

Mrs Diane Hudson

Room 1 ( Year 4 & 5 )

Koromiko Teaching Team (Year 3&4)

Mrs Diane Hudson

Room 1 ( Year 4 & 5 )

Mrs Sarah Bolitho

Room 2 (Job Share)

Mrs Ramona Barbara

Room 2 (Job Share)

Mrs Sarah Wallace

Room 2 (Job Share)

Ms Tracy Wills-Wright

Room 4

Mrs Jocelyn Manawaiti

Room 11

Ms Kathy Keohane

Room 15

Mrs Cathie Conner

Room 18

Mrs Esther Kieft

Room 18 ( Job Share )

Kowhai Teaching Team (Year 1&2)

Ms Rachel Moore

Room 6

Mrs Tosca Parata

Room 7

Mrs Heather Nees

Room 9 (Job Share)

Mrs Dayna Lipinski

Room 9 (Job Share)

Mrs Lee Norris

Room 17

Kowhai iti Teaching Team (New Entrant)

Mrs Selena Sanson

Room 8

Ms Shona McDonald

Room 10

Release Teachers

Mrs Esther Kieft

Room 18

Mrs Cecilia Leonard

Room 10

Learning support

Mrs Janet Pirie-Hunter

Dyslexia Programme Coordinator

Support Staff

Pellikaan, Renee 10 8

Ms Renee Pellikaan

Office Manager/Principal’s Personal Assistant

Mrs Nicky Linstrom

Accounts Manager

Ms Marnie Lanauze

Office Administrator

Mrs Sheenagh Jephson

Resources/ Library

Mr Martin Rosedale


Teacher Aides

Mrs Kirsty Rollander

Mrs Joanne Youdvald

Mrs Maxine West

Mr Andy Jenkins

Mrs Yvonne Mansell

Mrs Jan Reynolds

Mrs Dee Ashby

Ms Sarah Rattenbury

Ms Debbie Livingstone


Miss Sheryl Rosedale

Mr Malcolm Pickup

Ms Donna Rutten

Board of Trustees

Chairperson: Mrs Michelle Mason

Property: Mrs Debbie Livingstone

Legislation and Policy: Mrs Michelle Mason

Curriculum, strategic & Planning – Pedagogy: Mr Sean Fitzgerald

Finance, ICT: Mr Paul Fallon

Personnel, International Students: Mrs Louisa Rodani

Principal: Mr Bruce McDonald

Staff Representative: Mrs Marie Mead