Perceptual Motor Programme

Perceptual Motor Programme (PMP) for all Five-Year-Olds


What is PMP?


PMP is a coordination programme for school age children that links physical movement to the brain to develop their motor skills through a series of sequential movement activities using specialised equipment.


The development of children’s motor skills builds a critical foundation for many learning activities in the classroom. Many children arrive at school with some of these skills not in place. The PMP programme enables our five-year-olds to develop these skills in a fun, holistic and organised way. As they participate in the programme they develop coordination, cognitive functioning, social and problem-solving skills and grow their short term auditory sequential memory, which helps them with their classroom learning. The programme also develops their hand-eye balance and physical fitness.


PMP builds on the early childhood motor development milestones when they arrive at school and it’s really enjoyable!


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