Celebrating Success

Recognising & Celebrating Success

We believe success is worth celebrating! We set expectations for learning, behaviour, performance and attitude — so we like to recognise and celebrate when our children do well. As individuals and groups, we are motivated and inspired when our success is not only recognised, but celebrated. Success can be recognised at Kenakena in the following ways:

  1. In-class recognition of success in relation to learning goals through teacher and peer feedback, sharing, earned privileges, certificates, stickers and awards. Sharing of work or outcomes with teachers other than their own.
  2. A visit to the Tumuaki (Principal), who happens to have the famous Magic StickerBox!
  3. Receiving special certificates and awards for specific activities (e.g. Netball, Tournament of Minds, Completing the Dyslexia Programme, Kapahaka).
  4. Principal Awards. These are awarded at whole school assemblies or teaching team assemblies and align to the five areas of our school-wide expectations guide.
  5. Acknowledgement for demonstrating our TIAKI values ( Take Responsibility, Inspire Teamwork and independence, Aim for excellence, Know how to be resilient, Insist on respect).
  6. Service awards (at year’s end) for students who have been involved in formal service activities for the school.
  7. Being held up as a role model to others.
  8. Parents/Whanau receiving a letter or Kenakena Postcard informing them of their child’s achievements.
  9. Featured in the School Newsletter, Website or Facebook page.
  10. Catching kids doing the right thing and letting them know.

Year 8 Graduation and Poroporoaki (Farewell)

At the end of each year we farewell our Year 8 students before they go to high school. As
well as celebrating their time at Kenakena, we also recognise their achievements in their
final year with us. This is important because, as they end their time with us we need them
to be mindful of their own qualities — and those of their peers. This is a powerful message of