Here, you can learn what we do in an emergency and what we ask of you.


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Emergency Preparedness

We have prepared pupils, staff and the school community so that we are ready for a disaster as described in the Civil Defence Act 1983. We are prepared to care for all children in times of critical situations. If parents are unable to reach the school, we will care for their child here. We have people with first aid certificates, and we will be in communication with various local emergency services. No student will be dismissed from school unless a parent or individual designated by a parent, comes for him/her.

We do ask for parents’ help in the following areas:

Please do not telephone the school – we must have the lines open for emergency


Following an earthquake or other emergency, do not immediately drive to the school. 

Streets and access to our school may be cluttered with debris. The school access route and street entrance area must remain clear for emergency vehicles.

Do turn your radio to BeachFM (106.3fm). Information and directions about the extent of the emergency will be given over the radio.

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Kenakena School’s Emergency Management Plan


To prepare pupils, staff and the school community so that we are ready as can reasonably be expected, for a disaster as described in the Civil Defence Act 1983.


To prepare counter-disaster plans for likely emergencies.To train students and staff so that in the event of any emergency the safest procedures are followed.

To minimise likely hazards.

To provide the school with the necessary (a) equipment, or knowledge of where to obtain it quickly; (b) expertise (eg First Aid), or knowledge of where to obtain it quickly; © knowledge of student and staff strengths (eg CPR training); (d) knowledge of student and staff medical conditions that may require special attention.

To provide staff with a detailed knowledge of their responsibilities in a major emergency through discussions with invited experts.

To regularly inform parents of our school’s emergency plans.

 GUIDELINES Following an earthquake or natural disaster, all systems of communication that are dependent on electrical power or telephone lines may be partially or totally disrupted for several hours. An effective communication plan addresses this problem and presents alternate ways to receive and convey messages. If parents are not aware of the school’s emergency plans, they are likely to risk their own safety and impede the operation of the school’s response plan to retrieve their children. A plan for communicating with parents before and after an emergency is critical. It may not eliminate the problem, but it will help to reduce congestion, confusion and anxiety.

View Kenakena School’s Emergency Management Plan here