International Students

Quality Education for International Students, On New Zealand’s Kapiti Coast.

Kenakena Primary School is a 500 student co-educational school taking students from 5 to 13 years of age through the full eight years of their primary schooling. The school is set in expansive grounds close to the beautiful Paraparaumu Beach on the sunny Kapiti Coast, adjacent to Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club and other quality sports facilities. Kenakena is a reputable school that runs quality educational programmes which attract interest from the professional education community. Our programmes deliver rich learning experiences for our students where the development of thinking skills is a feature.

Kenakena School is among a minority of New Zealand Schools to achieve a four-to-five year review cycle from the Education Review Office. The school’s Board of Trustees received a letter of acknowledgement from the Minister of Education in 2014 to congratulate them on the achievement.

The ERO report from December 2018 can be viewed here.

Partnership with Kapiti College

Kenakena School and Kapiti College have developed a partnership for the quality education of International Students. Students who attend Kenakena Primary School have the option of continuing their education at the secondary level at Kapiti College. The brothers and sisters of children at Kenakena School could also attend Kapiti College ( at the same time giving a stable family option on the beautiful Kapiti Coast. The schools are less than ten minutes apart by road. Kenakena School has been hosting international students since 2002.

  • Read the Code of Practice Summary for the Pastoral Care of International Students (in your chosen  language)
  • Fill out and sign the Primary School Application and Agreement
  • Send to with a copy of student’s passport
  • We will let you know by email that your application has been received and we will consider it as soon as possible.
  • Successful applicants will be issued an invoice for fees and an Offer of Place.
  • Pay tuition and homestay fees to the School to confirm your Offer of Place.
  • You will receive a receipt for fees for your visa application.
  • Confirm Medical and Travel Insurance.
  • Submit a student profile and latest school report as requested.
  • Homestay accommodation is finalised (if required).

When students from other countries come to study in New Zealand, it is important that those students are well informed, safe and properly cared for.

Kenakena School  is signatory to and is bound by the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016, as published by the Minister of Education. A copy of the Code can be viewed or downloaded from the NZQA website in your chosen language here.

Insurance: Medical and travel insurance is compulsory for all international students studying in New Zealand. Evidence of an insurance appropriate insurance policy (in English) should be supplied to Kenakena School as part of the application process.

We also recommend insurance for the parent accompanying the student. Kenakena School can organise insurance on your behalf.

  • Uni-Care Insurance – Approximately $600 per year.  The policies can be viewed below.

NZ Student Plan:

NZ Visitor Plan:

Accident insurance

The Accident Compensation Corporation provides accident insurance for all New Zealand citizens, residents and temporary visitors to New Zealand, but you may still be liable for all other medical and related costs. Further information can be viewed on the ACC website.

Visa Requirements

A student visa is required for international students coming to New Zealand to study for more than three months. Accompanying parents will also require the appropriate visa and permit. For full information on visas for study from Immigration NZ, please click here 

Full details of immigration requirements, advice on rights to employment in New Zealand while studying, and reporting requirements are available from Immigration New Zealand, and can be viewed on their website at

2019 / 2020  Fee Schedule for enrolment  of 10 Weeks to 1 year

All fees are in New Zealand Dollars and include GST.

Fees are reviewed by the Board of Trustees annually.

Tuition Fee (includes in-school English Language Support):

  • One year (40 weeks): $11,000
  • One semester (20 weeks): $5,500
  • One term (10 weeks): $2,750

Homestay Fee:

  •  $300 per week

Pastoral Care, Homestay Monitoring & Placement Fee:

  •  One year: $1000
  •  One semester: $500
  •  One term: $250

Administration Fee:

  • One year: $1000
  • One semester: $500
  • One term: $250
2019 / 2020  Fee Schedule for enrolment  of 1 – 9 weeks

All fees are in New Zealand Dollars and include GST.

Fees are reviewed by the Board of Trustees annually.

Tuition Fee (includes in-school English Language Support):

  • $500 per week

Homestay Fee:

  • $300 per week (7 nights.  Part weeks are charged at $45 per night)

Pastoral Care, Homestay Monitoring & Placement Fee:

  • $150 for 1st week, then $25 for each additional week

Administration Fee:

  • $200 for 1st week, then $25 for each additional week


Special Short Stay Programmes are also available for 1-4 weeks in February, July and October for individuals and groups. Parts of these programmes can also include parents.  Contact the International Student Administrator for information on programmes and fees.

Insurance: International students must have appropriate and current medical and travel insurance while in New Zealand. Insurance can be arranged by the school, or by your agent.

  • Unicare Insurance – Approximately $600 per year

Refunds & Fees Protection

The fees paid for international students’ tuition are used to employ teachers and provide resources and facilities for these students. It is therefore not possible to fully refund fees. Under the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016, international fee paying students may be eligible for a refund or partial refund of fees that have been paid under some circumstances.

Once a student has commenced study at Kenakena School, refunds will only be made in exceptional circumstances and according to the school refund procedures outlined in the Kenakena School International Student Fees Refund Policy here. All applications for a refund must be in writing to the Principal, for approval by the Board of Trustees.

Fees Protection

Kenakena School has a scheme in place to ensure that fees are protected and will be able to be refunded if the school is unable to provide tuition.  The Kenakena School Board of Trustees confirms that the tuition fees of International students will not be spent by the School prior to the tuition being provided.

Kenakena School has a robust dispute resolution scheme to work through any concerns, issues or problems that may arise with the International Student Programme. In cases where the dispute cannot be resolved internally, international students and their parents will be able to access the Dispute Resolution Scheme, specifically for international students. For further details on the NZQA Dispute Resolution Scheme, click here.

New Zealand schools are focused on the learning of individuals and the classrooms are interactive and often fun.

New Zealand has a national curriculum that guides what your child learns at school. Your child will develop a range of values and key competencies, or capabilities, that they need to succeed in life. These are all woven into the teaching of learning areas, or subjects.

More information about the New Zealand Curriculum can be found here.

Kenakena School teachers are dedicated to bringing out the best in your child whilst providing a high quality educational experience.

Your child will return home with improved English speaking skills, improved problem solving strategies, new skills, knowledge and friends.

School Dates


  • Term 1: 3rd February – 9th April
  • Term 2: 28th April – 3rd July
  • Term 3: 20th July – 25th September
  • Term 4: 12th October – 15th December


  • Waitangi Day – Wednesday 6th February
  • Daylight Savings Ends – Sunday 5th April (clocks go back one hour)
  • Good Friday – 10th April
  • Easter Monday – 13th April
  • Anzac Day – Thursday 27th April
  • Queen’s Birthday – Monday 1st June
  • Daylight Savings Begins – Sunday 27th September (clocks move forward one hour)
  • Labour Day – Monday 26th October

Please contact the International Student Administrator to discuss becoming an agent for international students studying at Kenakena School.

Activities – Kapiti – Wellington (coming soon)


A variety of homestay accommodation can be organised through the School or if living in a self-appointed homestay, details of those arrangements must be provided to Kenakena School. All homestay accommodation is monitored by the Kenakena School Homestay Coordinator in accordance with the Code. Please note children aged under 10 must live with a parent to be enrolled.

Helpful Information -Education New Zealand – Study in New Zealand Website

NauMai NZ is for international students studying or about to study in New Zealand. It’s an opportunity to get uesfull information to help you experience our land,lifestyle and culture, and navigate daily life along the way!



Are you interested in hosting an international student at Kenakena School?

Hosting an International Student can be an enriching experience for all involved.  Your family will be able to ‘show off’ some of our beautiful country and at the same time learn about a different culture from the comfort of your own home.   In turn, we hope the students will leave with many happy memories of staying with a Kapiti Coast family and studying at Kenakena School.

The requirements for hosting a student are that:

  • you are willing to care for and supervise the student as you do for your own children.
  • that you treat the student with respect and make them feel part of the family.
  • that everyone living in your home over 18 years of age undergoes a Police Vet.
  • that the student has his or her own bedroom or shares a double room with a child of the same sex.
  • that you provide transport to and from school and access to the Internet.
  • that you keep the school informed of any problems with the student or changes in your circumstances.