Learning Support

Learning Support

Every child, regardless of their level of ability is important to Kenakena School. We enjoy working closely and collaboratively with parents, family, whanau and agencies to provide educational support for children with learning and Special Education needs. Cathie Conner is our Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) who makes sure learning support is available for these children.


High Special Needs

Where children have high special education needs we work with parents, whanau and a range of organisations and agencies to provide appropriate and practical programmes through:


  1. Individual Education Plans (IEP’s) written twice per year with parents/caregivers.
  2. Specialist one to one intervention.
  3. Appropriate adaptation of curriculum content.
  4. Special education support in the classroom.
  5. Specialist teacher contact time.


Learning Support

The school provides assistance for children in need of learning, social, emotional or behavioural support:


  1. Targeted in-class support through focused programmes.
  2. Teacher aide support for focused learning.
  3. Involvement of external and in-school specialists to assist teachers with programme development and direct instruction.
  4. A coordinated approach to interagency involvement in complex situations.
  5. Mentoring from key staff.
  6. Involvement of student peers for mentoring, coaching and support.
  7. Goal-setting for achievement and reward as well as consequence-bound outcomes.
  8. Inclusion in special programmes such as Reading Recovery and Davis Dyslexia.


By building networks of trust, confidentiality, responsibility and commitment amongst staff, students, parents and agencies we have been able to effectively meet the special education and welfare needs of most of our students. We are learning all the time, we are thoughtful in our approach, and the school-wide leadership means that we can help children with challenges to get the most out of school.